Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Learn how to have stronger, longer and more orgasms!

One of the best things about sex... enjoying the climax, the orgasm! But... most guys only get to cum just once and then have to get their Mojo back before they are able to climax again. This grace period is very annoying because it breaks the fun!

Now, what if you could have many orgasms and unlimited duration of having sex, without having to stop?

Actually that is quite simpleg any man can do it, it's easy to learn, doesn't cost you anything and once you know the trick women will practically beg you to have sex with them!

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Monday, 19 May 2014

How to make her squirt: The art of making a woman ejaculate

How to make a girl to have a squirting orgasm?
101 squirting howto guide tutorial
Squirting women are so hot! Well, actually that's a personal opinion but this view (some call it a fetish) is shared by many millions of men around the globe. Making a woman get a squirting orgasm is something most of these men would love to learn, but how?? Luckily there are many good tutorials available that teach you just how to do this! One of these tutorials can be found here: How to give a woman a squirting orgasm. With a little amount of effort and perseverance you'll be able to master the fine technique of delivering the intense climax of a squirting orgasm to your girl! Ready to learn the secret? Let's make some wet mess!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How to make your sperm taste sweet and delicious

Far out in mocases, when men are lucky enough to be receiving a blowjob and they ejaculate their cum juice inside the girl's mouth / throat, the taste of that sticky horny cum is considered to be fairly salty and it will have a bitter, eccentric after-taste in the woman's mouth. But... there is good news is guys! You can do something about the bitter taste of your sperm and make girls really WANT to taste it and swallow your sperm time and time again!

So tell me... how can I get good tasting sperm?

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The most basic kissing techniques every man should know!

French kissing tips :: Learn how
to kiss :: Kissing techniques
While kissing a girl may sound like a fairly basic skill and easy to learn, there are in fact a lot of things in the realm of kissing that many guys, to say the least, lack at large. Although they will probably be convinced differently. Even set aside the most basic kissing techniques tend to be screwed up or even bypassed completely by a lot of men all across the globe. That's why I have compiled a short yet handy, informative kissing tutorial / guide, teaching you the very basics as well as a few semi advanced kissing techniques.

Real good kissing, I mean the serious GOOD KISSING that impresses women and girls so much that they will brag about it to their friends and sisters (that could come extremely useful to you) is truly a very skillful art that you should most definitely master! And while this howto guide is there just to make you familiar with the ground principles of (mostly) French kissing, it will surely give you a good advantage over your competition!

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New: Personalized spell service

Love spells, attraction spells,
luck spells, money spells
Tried a few of my tips and tricks from this blog but still having trouble with some things? Maybe you find it difficult to overcome your insecurity or maybe you just want a little extra boost in your "women-magnet"...or do you want an ex back after totally blowing it with her with little chance of making her want you again...

From now on we partnered up with a professional spellcaster, Eric. He has over 14 years experience in making people's dreams come true via extremely powerful spells. He made numerous people fall in love with his clients without the subjects even suspecting a thing, he gave clients more confidence, he gave them more attraction, he even has clients who want money-spells, luck-spells and health-recovery spells.

If you're looking for that extra push in whatever you are working on to accomplish in your life, this is the thing you need to get! In our unique partnership with Eric he offers you, as loyal reader of my blog an amazing price of only $20.00 per spell (which takes about an hour to cast!). The casting of his spells happens on distance, you don't have to visit him, just write down what kind of spell you need, together with names and birthdates of the subjects (you and anyone else involved) and attach one or more pictures. Email now: